Portable Nebulizer by Pocket Air Available on Medtecs Soon

by Jeremy Lark Reyes
Portable Nebulizer by Pocket Air will be available soon here at Medtecs! The product features Vibrating Polyimide Mesh Technology and also the following,
- Soundless Operation:
No noise disturbance during use.
- Portability:
Light, compact and powered by batteries. Daily treatments could be done anywhere.
- Effectiveness:
Delivers approved inhalation medications with minimal residual volume.
- Easy to Use:
Only four steps before starting the treatment.
More about Pocket Air:
Founded on May 12th, 1997, MicroBase Technology Corporation is an emerging biotechnology company specializing in Laser LIGA, an innovative non-silicon based micromachining technology that could be applied in the manufacture and development of miniaturized devices and micron-scale parts. Currently, MicroBase is the only company in the Asia-pacific region with the capabilities of laser material processing, micro-electroforming and mass production all in one.