Ible Airvida Wearables Soon On Medtecs

by Jeremy Lark Reyes
Ible Airvida wearable ionic air purifier products will be available real soon here at Medtecs. Airvida products are designed for trendy lifestyle, triple-funtional demand, and also for kids aged 3 to 10. Purify on-the-go!
More info on Ible:
Ible is an IoT & wearable device company, founded in 2015. Our basic idea is to design products bringing better living quality and protection to loved ones. We insist in high standards through numerous analysis and testing, aiming to provide simple, efficient, and good design products for daily life.
Innovation Awards at CES 2020
Silver Awards at 2019 SNQ (Symbol of National Quality)
Winner of Sectors” prize at SLINGSHOT 2019